ten things // how to style your froyo.

Ten Things is a series from Pretty & Fun’s intern, Emily of Em La Jolie, that was started to give you ten pieces of advice each month – from travel to lifestyle to food. If you didn’t catch my last post on how to act like a local abroad, check it out! This month I’m bringing you some very important style tips for that summertime staple: frozen yogurt.

1. Fruit ‘n’ Nuts // Tale as old as time, this classic combo is perfect for when you just want something you know you’ll like. Strawberries are definitely my go-to and you can match this with any flavor of frozen yogurt that your heart desires. Sometimes I even get a little crazy with some coconut!

2. Rolling in Dough // If you’re like me and cannot remember the last time you actually baked that batch of cookies before eating all the dough, this one is for you. Cookie dough, brownie bits and cheesecake pieces over cake batter yogurt just might be enough inspiration for you to preheat the oven after all. 

3. The Grasshopper // While I’m not sure how it got its name, mint and chocolate has been a staple mixture for quite some time now – and the froyo version is just as good if not better. Chocolate yogurt, Andes mint bits, crushed up chocolate cookie and hot fudge will certainly have you hopping away.

4. S’More Please // This toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate sandwich has become a traditional American dessert since its birth at the campsite. If the patio is more your speed, try mixing vanilla yogurt, graham cracker pieces, chocolate chips and/or chocolate fudge for a new rendition sans bonfire.

5. Strawberry Shortcake // Nothing says summer more than a fluffy strawberry shortcake on Fourth of July. Strawberries, dark chocolate chips and graham cracker bits over angel food cake yogurt cools down this classic and is a perfect tag-along to the fireworks show.

6. Dirt Cake // Reminisce on the simpler times with the grown-up version of the “dirt cake” dessert: chocolate yogurt, oreo pieces and gummy worms. This third-grade throwback will have you remembering when choker necklaces and butterfly clips reigned. 

7. Breakfast for Froyo // Everyone loves breakfast for dinner – or any meal for that matter – so why not try it on frozen yogurt too? Sprinkle classics like Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Captain Crunch over your favorite flavor and give it a go!

8. Turtle Delight // If you’ve never had a turtle sundae, then you’re missing out. The classic combo of caramel and chocolate with pecans is perfect. And when you translate that to vanilla yogurt, caramel corn, chocolate chips and pecans, it’s easy to understand why. 

9. Inspired by Nature // Dreaming of hiking the Rockies and white water rafting the Magpie? So is this down-to-earth froyo mixture; with mountains of granola, white chocolate chips and blackberries, you can plan out your next backpacking trip and feel good about yourself at the same time. 

10. Fluffer Nutter // A little salty and a little sweet, this combo of peanut butter cups, banana slices, crushed peanuts and marshmallow sauce is the perfect middle ground for days when you can’t decide which side to take. You can sweeten it up with vanilla, peanut butter or banana yogurt, or keep it simple with the traditional tart.

Disclaimer: no frozen yogurt was left behind in the making of this post.

How do you ‘style’ your froyo? Are you as excited about froyo season (a.k.a. summer) as I am?