recipe // over the top avocado toast.

Avocado toast has become a staple meal for me. It’s quick and easy, uses ingredients that I usually always have on hand & makes a very satisfying meal whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. But my love for the simple combination left me searching for a way to make it even better… to take it over the top.

Meet the most perfect avocado toast you’ll ever eat:



Toast your bread and smash up your avocado as usual (if you’re new to the avocado toast craze, just scoop out an avocado into a bowl and add sea salt + fresh pepper, smash the avocado up with a spoon and mix well). While you’re waiting for the bread to toast, fry an egg over medium with sea salt & pepper – then put the avocado on your toast, top with some hot sauce, then add your egg and pout some more hot sauce on for good measure.

Then take a moment to marvel in the beauty of your little creation and enjoy. You’re welcome. 

Are you also avocado toast obsessed? Do you have any little tips or tricks to take things over the top?