a dilemma.

So, I’m having a little problem here.  I pretty much love four of my five Warby Parker trial glasses – like, I want them all.  Since it’s totally impractical to own four pairs of glasses when I only need them for seeing far away stuff and don’t even need to wear them all of the time, this is an issue.
Here’s where you come in, my dear readers:
{ From L to R: Japhy, Linwood, Nedwin, Preston }
Ignoring those awkward self-Instagram photos for a second, which frames are your faves?  If you haven’t heard about Warby Parker yet, they’re a pretty innovative online eyewear company that lets you choose five pairs of glasses for a five day home trial – shipping is free both ways and it’s only $95 a pair to order.  What’s even better is that Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to someone in need with every purchase, so you’re able to look super stylish while doing a good deed.