7 Things to Buy on Sale Right Now.

7 Things to Buy on Sale Right Now.

Grab your credit cards and hold on tight, friends… it’s Shopbop sale time! I always love it when Shopbop has sales because the sale applies to everything, including a ton of splurge-worthy designer items making it the perfect time to stock up on staple closet items at 25% off. I’ve been making an effort to be more mindful when it comes to shopping, both due to closet space and budget priorities, so I’m very aware of the trap that is buying something just because it’s on sale, and you don’t have to worry about that with Shopbop’s sales since you can focus on buying only what you really love (and would pay full price for anyway!).

While I could go on and on about all of the things I wish I could buy from Shopbop right now while the sale is happening, I wanted to focus in on 8 key items you should consider adding to your cart while you can score a seriously great deal. They’re the things that will help you kick off fall and carry you strong all winter long, as well as for years to come with staple picks you’ll be reaching for for years to come:


Fancy Pajamas
I’m a bit of a loungewear fanatic given that I promptly remove my bra and change into comfortable clothes the moment I step into my apartment, regardless of time of day. Over the past few years I’ve made an effort to make my comfy clothes wardrobe a bit more grown up, replacing old tees from teenage years with joggers and matching pajama sets – there’s something just so lovely and luxurious about a matching pajama situation, making ’em a great gift for yourself (hello, self care!) or for a friend celebrating everything from birthdays to weddings and new babies.


Classic Leather Moto
After struggling to justify upgrading my faux leather (but cute and functional) moto to a higher-quality piece, I finally made the investment last year and it’s fully paid off becoming one of my most worn items in my closet. I tend to reach for a moto jacket year round to add some edge to a more feminine dress look or do my best attempt at cool girl style with denim and a basic tee.


Wear with Everything Boots
Living in San Francisco seriously helped my boot game as I ditched most other shoe options for the majority of the year. Ankle boots, both flat and with a chunky heel, are your most reliable, wear with everything shoe that can go from the office to a party with jeans or a dress.


Leopard Print
I’ve always had a soft spot for leopard print (consider it the Jersey girl in me) and could not be more thrilled that it’s fully on trend this season in everything from boots to tops and bags. Leopard is one of those prints that can totally be considered a neutral when done right, adding an unexpected twist to a classic outfit or making an otherwise serious and stuffy look just the right amount of fun.


Trendy Teddybear Coat
As much as we all may be in denial that summer is over and the temperatures are bound to drop significantly over the coming weeks, now is a great opportunity to get prepared for cooler days with a teddybear coat. The cozy fabric is both functional and fashionable, adding some texture to outfits and upping your outerwear game.


Your Everyday Bag
I have never been a huge handbag girl but I’m all about function with everyday bags that are great for holding your laptop and heading to the office, or storing all of your in-flight essentials while still fitting under the plane seat in front of you. Backpacks and totes tend to be my go to and there are a ton of awesome options available that you’ll get a lot of use out of.


A Great Pair of Denim
Denim. Duh. What more do I really need to say? A great pair of jeans that fits your body well tends to be worth its weight in gold so go ahead, splurge on that designer brand in a classic wash and strut your stuff.

Have you shopped the Shopbop sale yet? What were some of your picks?

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