work bag essentials.

It seems like I’m living out of my work bag these days – the handbags have been traded in for a big old tote stocked with essentials for whatever the day may throw my way.  Today the good old work bag and I packed up and headed to Atlanta for some meetings, which had me thinking about what my must haves are for a well stocked business bag:

1.  Kate Spade Tote – I have a similar tote that I snatched up during one of Kate Spade’s amazing online sales – it’s a great size for a clunky work laptop but looks stylish so you don’t mind lugging it around everywhere

2.  Blueberry Crisp Clif Bar – You never know when you’ll need an emergency snack! I’ve been hooked on Clif Bars and the blueberry is my fave

3.  Moleskine Notebook – Having a little notebook handy is essential for jotting down a big idea (or the address for happy hour)

4.  c/o EOS Lip Balm – This funky little pod packs a ton of moisture and fruity flavor – perfect size to throw in your bag & not worry about it getting lost

5.  Aladdin Water Bottle – Always great to have a water bottle with ya to take advantage of the good old office water cooler.  This one is BPA free and dishwasher safe with measurement marks down the side to help you keep track of getting those 8 glasses in each day

6.  Coach Wristlet – I always stash a wristlet in my work bag to make it easier to transition from work to play.  I’m lusting after this Coach one because of the amazing color and tassel detail

7.  Contigo Autoseal Coffee Mug – This is one amazing coffee mug – it’s totally leak proof!  Perfect for filling up and throwing a cup of coffee in your bag without worries

8.  bareMinerals Pressed Mineral Veil – Let’s face it, touch ups are necessary some days.  The pressed powder version of bareMineral’s famous Mineral Veil is a lifesaver for looking fresh with a lighter coverage than traditional pressed powder

9.  c/o EOS Hand Lotion – Love the compact size, light scent and moisture that this hand lotion provides, without leaving your hands greasy

10.  NARS Heat Wave – Need an extra boost of confidence before a big meeting?  This will add some extra oomph to your look and also makes the perfect item to make your 9-5 style ready for happy hour

11.  Friction Block Stick – A lifesaver!  Some days I pass this little magic stick around the office to save my fellow ladies from limping around with the dreaded blisters

12.  Paper Mate InkJoy Pens – Somehow Paper Mate has created a ballpoint/gel hybrid.  Don’t ask me how but these are the best – a great range of colors that helps keep your notes organized

13.  Lucky Brand Emmie Flats – Heels don’t always treat your feet right and some days require more walking than you had predicted.  Good flats are hard to find and these do the trick while still being light enough to toss in your bag