scenes from the east coast.

I realized that I never really made any kind of official announcement about it, but I just got back from a fifteen day long trip back to the east coast.  What was originally scheduled to be a week long trip ended up being extended to include some NYFW events (made it to IFBcon and was supposed to attend Bloggers Night Out & the Zang Toi show, but missed out).  Anyway, now that I’m back in the good old Midwest, let’s take a look at what my trip looked like:

Yes, I ate a lot of food.  Pizza, Taylor Ham, my all-time favorite flavor of ice cream (vanilla with chocolate covered pretzels & a peanut butter swirl), an Italian hot dog and the most ridiculous chicken cutlet sandwich around – you name it, I ate it.  Was it worth the hours I’m going to have to spend on the elliptical now that I’m home?  Absolutely.