So, I kind of have an excuse as to why I have been the worst blogger & Twitterer ever… I’m in Chicago!  Okay, maybe it’s the suburbs but whatever.  I’m working on a couple of big projects for work & finally got a chance to fly out here and work from my agency’s HQ with the rest of my team.  

This is my first Midwest experience and let me tell you, so far so good.  I officially have a new favorite beer ever, 312 & I have eaten more cheeseburgers than I should admit.  Illinois drivers do kind of scare the crap out of me and the weather has been yucky, but it’s okay!

Some other highlights include:

  • The clothes rolling packing method – still haven’t decided if this is effective, but whatever.  My clothes all look like little burritos
  • A window seat on the plane! And next to two totally normal, non-weirdo guys
  • Chevron floors in O’Hare Airport
  • My luggage being the very first one off the plane (AMAZING)
  • A fancy towncar cab from the airport to my hotel
  • The shoe lineup for the week (I may have brought 7 pairs…)
  • Comfy hotel bed
  • A classic hotel mirror pic!  My birthday outfit got another night out on the town
  • Not really a highlight, but it was SNOWING.  Yes, snowing… in April
  • Magazine reading & lounging in bed
  • The coolest McDonald’s ever
  • Spotted Decorate in Anthropolgy!
  • What I like to call “Fattie Fest 2011” – a Pizza Hut binge in my room
  • Awesome seats at the Bulls game (thanks Aspen!)

Do I have any Chicago area readers out there?  I’m here until Tuesday & would love any retrogradations on things to do, see or eat.