meet callie.

Photo via J. Vater
Blog, meet Callie.  This little lady is a Corgi & Jack Russell Terrier mix who I found on Pet Finder almost two years ago.  You see, one day I was simply browsing puppies (because who doesn’t like to look at pictures of cute puppies?!) with no real intention of getting one and I saw one that I instantly obsessed over – I mean, at one point I MAY have even cried.  Something in me just KNEW that this was my perfect dog & that I had to figure out a way to get her.  Well, one thing led to another and I ended up with Miss Callie; a professional snuggler, frisbee catcher and the ultimate barn dog (yes, I ride horses – we’ll talk about that another time).  

I figured Callie deserved her own blog post since I take about 100 pictures of her a day (I promise I won’t post ALL of them) & she’s basically my child.  I’m working on a roundup of my favorite dog items so dog lovers, be sure to check back soon!

I’d love to meet all of your pups too!  Leave me a comment telling me about your doggy or show me a picture on Twitter – @prettyandfun.